Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Shower Storage...

When deciding to tile your shower there are multiple decisions to be made. First, you need to prep your area and get it ready for tiling. Second, you need to choose the appropriate product for both your shower walls & floor. Third, you need to decide to have your project professionally installed or if you decide to do it yourself. In the midst of making all of these decisions you also need to think about shower storage. 

There are a few options to consider:

A. You can have a contractor (if needed) build niches in your shower walls prior to tile installation. When doing this you can decide on how many niches you require depending on the shower size. When deciding on tile for your walls you can consider using some glass mosaics in the niches to add some interest. 
See below for a couple options.

B. Another option for shower storage would be more of the traditional corner caddies. You can purchase soap dishes & corner caddies. Most often they are available in white and bone. If you are using a natural stone on your shower walls such as travertine often times you can purchase a coordinating corner caddy in the same finish. These are applied once tile installation is complete. Decide on the appropriate location for them then apply both silicone & hot glue to them and apply to tile. 

See below for an example:

C. The last option is new & exciting. The product is called TileWare. It is a series of unique shelving for tiled showers. It is made from solid brass which will never rust. They are available in three finishes: polished chrome, oil rub bronze & brushed nickel. 

Check out the following link below for more details on the various sizes that are available.

Some examples of the TileWare products are seen below:

Hopefully this gives you some good ideas when designing your shower. All products featured can be ordered in store.

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