Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Do I need to grout...

What is the benefit of grouting your tiles?
Is it necessary?

The answer is yes it is necessary. This is one step that needs to be completed in order to have a successful tile installation. Grouting allows for minor imperfections in tile sizing. If you are not using a tile with a rectified edge, then your tiles will vary in size. By allowing for a grout space you can hide these imperfections. It is not necessary to have a large grout joint. Most often when we install there is a minimal grout joint left between tiles (1/8") unless clients have specified differently.

If you were to simply butt tiles together this would allow the tiles to rub against each other & eventually will become damaged. Without grout you have nothing to help with any movement from your substrate. Also, grouting will prevent any water infiltration. When choosing to butt tiles together, water will seep through the joints and cause issues in the future.

There is a large selection of grout colors that will finish off your tiling project. Pop by today if you have any questions.

Click on the link below for a grouting example:

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