Friday, 20 June 2014

Subway Tiles...

If clean & classic is what your looking for when it comes to tiles then subway style is the way to go. They come in a variety of colors and size formats. If a client comes in the store asking for a classic look that never appears dated as the years go by then the first place we start is with subway tiles.

We have seen a trend in different size formats for the subway style. Now you can find them in the traditional 3x6 size as well as 2x8, 4x8, 4x12 & 4x16. You can choose either a bright gloss finish or matte. Most of our tile companies offer a variety of colors to choose from. You'll find many variations of white, cream, beige, grey, black & some colorful options as well. 

Subway tiles are also available in glass. Your most economic and budget friendly option will be your ceramic finish but it is very easy to add color with a band of glass mosaic running through. 

Ames Tile & Stone Soho Series

For a more modern look to your backsplash consider taking subway tile and running it vertically. The picture shown above and below feature a 3x12 glass tile installed on a brick pattern (30/70 split).

The possibilities are endless. Bring in your cabinet style, paint & countertop choices and we'll be happy to show you all your possible options. 

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