Monday, 15 December 2014

Choosing Tile...

General Tips for Choosing Tiles for Your Home...

1. Light vs Dark Colors:

- choose lighter tile tones to help make a darker room seem bigger & brighter.

- if your space has adequate light, use your own personal preference for color tone.

2. Don't Compromise:

- see tiles as an investment, not a cost; never compromise on quality. We offer a great selection of tiles at everyone's price point.

3. Plan Ahead:

- always purchase an additional 5-10% more tiles than you actually need. This allows for any breakage or waste due to cuts. Also, this will ensure you have enough product in the same shade to finish your tile project.

4. Blended Grout:

- most often we recommend a tile grout color that compliments & blends in with your tiles.

5. Use Mosaics or Border Tiles:

- you can add visual interest by using a border or mosaic tile to break up a pattern. This can be found in various forms such as glass mosaics, stainless steel or a nice combination of both.

6. Suitability:

- make sure you are using the proper tile for your installation (ie. if your tiling outside a porcelain tile is what you are needing. It can be used on both interior & exterior surfaces).

7. Maintenance:

- if your purchasing natural stone, make sure you purchase the proper sealer for treating the stone.

8. Advice:

- ask us for any tiling advice. We are always willing to help clients who are wanting to do the installation themselves.

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