Thursday, 18 June 2015

Non-Rectified vs Rectified Tile...

If you are wanting a more clean and modern look for your floor consider purchasing a rectified tile. A rectified tile goes through a manufacturing process which ensures each tile is exactly the same size and shape. This makes it possible to install your floor tiles close together which allows for a smaller grout joint. This gives you a cleaner more modern look. Remember when you have a grout joint that is smaller than 1/8" thick it is recommended to use a non-sanded grout. Rectified tiles can be installed on both walls and floors.  See below for just a few samples of a rectified tile by Ames Tile & Stone.

A non-rectified tile is produced with slight variations in the tile size. This results in more of a natural and oftentimes rustic look. Because the tiles are not the same size this usually results in a larger grout joint in order to correctly fit the tiles together to hide the slight size differences.

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