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Measuring is key

Measuring for your tile is one of the most important parts of your whole job. It is so important to get enough tile to complete the job without having to much tile left over. It is the worst thing to begin a job, be on a roll and realize you are short! Here we are going to give you a quick guide to making your measuring experience a pleasurable one!


Proper Measurements are crucial to you success! A lot of people find the concept of measuring difficult. And it can be... In the next little bit, we give you a few breakdowns to get the idea as well as the formula we use to get our square footage!
It is important to remember that a lot of tile is does not come in a square foot size, this is what throws you off your measuring game. A square foot of tile in measurements is 12”x12”  the standard floor tile is actually 13”x13” and can vary in sizes from 8”x10” to 12”x24” even 24”x24”

length “ x width “= divided by 144 =

How To 
Your Space

Measure height from top of countertop to under cupboards.
Breakdown into smaller areas when there are things like a window, microwave or lower cabinet etc.
Then Measure your width.
Take the two measurements from that space multiply together and divide by 144
That is your total square footage.

18”x14”=252”/144”=1.75 Sqft-------2 Sqft
12”x42”=504”/144”=3.5 Sqft---------4 Sqft
18”x17”=306”/144”=2.12 Sqft-------3 Sqft


Use the same idea when measuring a floor as you do when measuring a backsplash.
In a door way, make sure you measure to the outside of the jam. This will allow for enough tile to meet up to existing flooring.
Make sure to cut the room into smaller areas to be sure and not miss anything.

Typically we like to break down floor measurements into inches.
Ex: 14’9”=177”


Total Square Footage=474 Square Feet

Extra tile is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When ordering floor tile we typically order around 10% extra. Wall tile varies as some small tile has up to 36 small pieces on one sheet. or something like a 3x6 has 8 pcs to make a Square Foot. 
Out With the Old, In with the New
Tile is always coming and going, new lines are brought in and old lines are discontinued. It is important to remember that tile isn’t bullet proof, things happen over time a tile could pop or break or you could decide to rip out that old cabinet that now needs matching tile. It is so important to have extra tile incase something happens. It has occurred so much in our store that people need extra tile to finish an area and that tile has been discontinued. Avoid this happening to you by making sure you have some extras lying around!
Borders are so common on a backsplash. It’s a fun way to add some oomph to your install without it being to much. Heres a few tips to measure for a border:
-Borders are typically measured in lineal feet
_ALWAYS determine the height of electrical outlets , if your border is a different width than you tile it will need to be determined where to run it, above or below.
-A mosaic is an affordable way to run a border. Typically you can get up to 6 lineal feet out of one sheet!!

One thing to remember is that all tiles come in all different shapes and sizes. And like I mentioned before, the standard floor tile is usually 13”x13”.
One thing that makes ordering your tile a bit confusing is that if you decide to go with a tile larger than 12”x12”, chances are the retailer is going to give you a price per SQFT and a price per PIECE. These are usually two totally different prices. For example and 18”x18” tile is priced at:$4.51/Sqft
The Reasoning........
If you use our same formula you can figure out how many SQUARE FEET an 18”x18” tile will cover.
That means that an 18‘x18” tile covers 2.25 Sqft which explains the difference in price:

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