Friday, 15 March 2013

Protect Your Investment...

Advantages of Protecting Your Tile & Natural Stone:

        Prevents water absorption & staining 
 Helps with regular maintenance
    Prolongs the life of your materials

Recommended For:

Any natural stone such as tumbled & polished marble, granite & travertine. Any areas that are at risk for staining should be protected like kitchen & entry floors, showers & countertops. All exterior areas should be sealed for protection as well.

Remember when choosing the Right Protection you need to decide on whether you require a water repellent sealer or a stain protector.

Water Repellent Sealers are breathable. They penetrate into the pores of the material, allowing water to repel. These sealers are mainly used on exterior surfaces. They protect your product from the weather and prevent mold from forming.

Stain Protectors are also breathable. They are mainly used on interior surfaces. There are many different types allowing you to enhance the color of your natural stone or even change the finish to a gloss.

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