Friday, 5 April 2013

Color & Shade Variation...

It's important when choosing your tile
 that you consider the color and shade variation. 
The following is the rating system that will help you when making a final tile decision.

       V1 - Uniform Appearance

* there are minimal differences in color & shading from one tile to another within the same tile series.

V2 - Slight Variation

*there are clear and distinguishable differences between tiles within the same tile series.

       V3 - Moderation Variation

* the intensity in color and tile shading may significantly vary from one tile to another.

      V4 - Substantial Variation

* there are random variations from one tile to another. The color and shading may differ totally between tiles in the same series.

The following are some examples of each rating:

Ames Drill Series - V1

Ames Duke Series - V1

Ames Concordia Series - V2

Ames Flow Series - V2

Ames Farmhouse Series - V3

Ames Back Series - V3

Ames Country Life Series - V4

Ames Kalahari Series - V4

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