Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Countertop Edging...

Tiled countertops are becoming very popular. 
They are very durable, practical
maintenance free.

 For example 
you can take a boiling pot of hot water 
off of your stove
 set it on your tiled countertop 
without worrying about your counters 
becoming damaged.

With tiling your countertop 
there a few options for finishing 
the countertop edge.

Option 1: Schluter Rondec-Step

- this is a finishing 
 edging profile for both countertops & stairs.
 Matching inside & outside corners are available. 
We can custom order this profile for you in store.

Using Schluter's Rondec-Step 
gives the edge of your countertop
 both a clean & modern finish.

Option 2: Schluter Rondec-CT

- this is a double-rail edging profile
 for countertops to be fitted 
with a ceramic, porcelain or stone tile.

With this profile option 
you can have your countertop edging tiled
 and still have a nice finish on both the top & bottom. 
It also has both matching inside & outside corners  
available to order in store.

Option 3: Tiling the Counter Edge

When choosing your countertop tile
 remember to consider what's available
 for finishing the countertop edge.
 If your not wanting the profiles listed above, 
 tiling the edge is a nice way
 to finish your project.

The tile series shown above
 offers a coordinating bullnose tile 
to finish the face 
of the counter. 

Option 4: Using a Wood Edge

You can purchase various wood mouldings
 at your local hardware store 
 stain them to match your cabinets.

When your thinking of changing your countertops 
remember tile is a great option.

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