Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nuheat Floor Heating System...

Keep your toes warm all year round with the nuheat flooring systems.
 These systems are easily installed, energy efficient 
can be controlled by various thermostat options. 

Nuheat flooring systems provide warmth 
to many types of flooring such as tile, stone, granite, laminate
engineered hardwood.

There are three options when using the nuheat system.

 They include:

- standard mats: you can use just one, or a combination of different sizes to heat an entire room. They come in either a square or rectangular size format. Available in both 120 & 240 volt formats.

- custom mats: when the standard mat sizes just don't work for your floor space (ie. angled walls), you can order custom mats. With the custom mats a detailed drawing of the room with measurements is necessary to determine the custom mat sizing.

- cable system: with the cable system you can easily adjust the cable for optimal floor coverage. This system can also be used in wet areas such as shower beds & benches and even saunas.


- there are three options when it comes to thermostats.

- the SOLO is a revolutionary "all-in-one" dual-voltage programmable thermostat suitable for tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors. Its sleek design and easy programming make it suitable for any electric floor heating system. 

- the Harmony Thermostat is an energy efficient 7-day programmable floor sensing thermostat that mounts flush to the wall and can be fitted with any decora-style faceplate. 

- the Tempo is a digital non-programmable thermostat with floor sensing capabilities for the Nuheat electric floor heating system.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions on the nuheat mat installation with tile or stone:

Watch the video below for instructions on installing the nuheat cable system with tile or stone:

* Remember to always use a certified electrician to hook up the wiring to the thermostat. Also, do not turn on the nuheat system until the thinset
grout have had time to cure. *

Pop in today & we can order the nuheat system that's right for you!

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