Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dura Contract...

Dura Contract: Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile

This is a stunning floor and extremely durable. It is available in a plank & tile format. The planks are 6"x36" in size and when installed in random lengths it looks like real hardwood. All of us have this product in our homes and people ask the same question, where did you purchase your hardwood? They are pleasantly surprised when we answer it's not hardwood it's a vinyl product. There are two size formats with the tile, both an 18"x18" and 12"x24", both available in great colors.

We have the planking format installed here at our new location (740 Division Ave North). If interested in seeing this floor in a bigger space just drop by.

We do offer professional installation but if you would like to do it yourself we can give you good advice on installation.

What you need if installing yourself:

- trowel,
- adhesive,
- sharp knife,
-chalk line.

Most often there will be some prep work needing to be done prior to installation. This may include scratch coating over any seams, screw or nail holes. A good one sided plywood is recommended for sub flooring. This product can be installed over some existing floor coverings such as linoleum. If doing this you would need to scratch coat over the floor before hand. Your goal is to make your floor as level as possible, free of any ridges prior to installing.

When the installation process has been finished it is recommended to roll over the seams with at least a 100lb roller. This ensures proper adhesion on the entire surface.

Technical Information:

With the planking format there are 10 colors available. All sizes have a beveled edge and a 20 year limited manufacturer's residential warranty. Dura Contract is stain, fade and abrasion resistant floor making it the perfect product for families. Also, there is a clic format available.

More information is available in store.

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