Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Floor Tile Patterns...

When having your floor tile 
professionally installed
 there are various pattern formats
that you can consider. 

If your ambitious 
want to try installing yourself 
here are a few patterns to think about.

1. Straight : this is one of the simplest tile patterns to choose from that will showcase your floor.

2. Diagonal: this pattern is done by setting the tile on a 45-degree angle. This pattern gives your floor more interest and can make it feel larger.

 3. Brick Pattern: this is also a basic tile format that adds more character to your floor without adding a lot more work for yourself when installing.

4. Checkerboard: this tile format is done by using two colors of square tiles which are alternated to create this pattern. You can install them straight or on a diagonal.

5. Hopscotch Pattern: a small square tile is surrounded by four larger ones.

6. Basket weave: this pattern is made with squares & rectangles of the same or different tiles.

7. Herringbone: this pattern adds visual interest & texture to the floor.

8. Windmill: a square tile that is surrounded by four rectangles.

If your wanting to try one of these various tile patterns, feel free to come in & we can help you with ordering the proper tile quantity. Also, we can provide you with all the supplies needed to finish your project.

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