Friday, 13 December 2013

Laminate vs Hardwood...

How do I choose?

Check out the characteristics of each flooring 
 you should be able to make a better decision for which flooring is better suited to your space.


Hardwood is characterized by texture & variation of the wood grain. No two planks of wood will appear to be alike. With laminate flooring there are predetermined patterns & textures that are imprinted onto a floor surface. Laminate flooring has come along way, a good quality laminate can look very similar to real wood.


Durability will depend on the amount of foot traffic is in the area. Also, following the appropriate care & maintenance that is recommended by the manufacturer is very important for both types of flooring. Laminates are harder than natural wood & are highly resistant to moisture damage, staining & fading.

Natural wood is softer in composition thus is easily dented. It can be refinished, renewed & repaired fairly easily. Oftentimes with laminate you need to replace planks or in some cases the entire floor. A nice feature with more rustic hardwood finishes, minor scratches & dents can add to it's unique appearance.


Wood is a material that breaths & responds to temperature & humidity. Most manufacturers do not recommend installing it in kitchens or bathrooms where humidity can fluctuate. Check with the manufacturer for the recommended humidity levels in your area. 

Laminate floors have a high resistance to moisture thus it is often used in kitchens & bathrooms.


Laminate floors have a shorter life span in comparison to hardwood flooring. Usually needing to be replaced after 20 years.

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime (40-80 years) if well cared for.


Sweeping, dry mopping or wiping down with a damp cloth is all that is needed to care for a laminate floor.

With hardwood there are special hardwood cleaners that preserve it's finish.


Solid hardwood is 100% organic. Laminate floors are a result of bonding materials together, thus is not organic.

* It is important to know all the facts before deciding on the appropriate floor for your style & space. We carry a beautiful line of hardwood at a great price point. Also, our laminate lines are both 12.3 mm in thickness making them a great alternative choice to hardwood. Anymore questions just pop in and we will gladly answer them for you. *

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