Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Finishing Fireplaces...

Most often
 we have a hard time deciding 
on how to finish our fireplaces. 
With so many options
  available today it can sometimes be difficult
 to make a final decision.

Most of us are visual
 so we often recommend that our clients 
take a look on line and in magazines 
to get some sense of style that they are drawn to.

In the picture above
 they have taken a more modern style 
with clean lines and a neutral tile around the fireplace 
They designed the space very well
 with storage to the left 
of the fireplace for wood
 carried the mantle to the end of the wall. 

Cultured stone
 is a great option for finishing fireplaces. 
There are different styles
colours that would work in any type of decor.

We offer the Owens Corning line in store 
which can also be found on line. 
You can give us a call 
if you have a colour that you'd like to see 
we would do our best to get you a sample.

Painting the existing brick 
is also an economic option. 
 As seen in the picture above
 they have painted out their brick white 
put on a thick wood mantle and hearth. 
Small changes like this
 can change the entire look of the fireplace.

photos courtesy of pinterest

Slate, glass mosaics
porcelain tile can also be used.
 When choosing to use 
a natural stone like slate or marble
 you need to seal it to prevent staining.
 With the porcelain tile
glass you only need to worry about sealing your grout lines.

* Again our best advice would be to flip through some pictures and get a sense of what you like as well as what you don't like. Bring any ideas that you find in and our design consultants can help you put it all together. *

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