Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Choosing the Right Grout Color...

Choosing your grout color 
is a small detail that
 can make a large impact.

There are two common choices
 when it comes to choosing 
the grout color for your project.

The first choice, and most common 
is to blend the 
grout color with your choice of tile. 

It is impossible to choose a color 
that exactly matches your tile
 but when blending the color with your tile
 you need to stay in the same color family. 

This will allow your eye
 to see a complete picture
 and not a bunch of individual tiles. 

See the examples below:

Floor tile with blended grout

Wall tile with blended grout

The second option 
is to choose a contrasting grout color. 

When you do this your eye
 will separate the individual tiles. 
This works well when
 wanting to install a checkerboard pattern
a black and white floor.

See examples below:

Floor tile with contrasting grout

Wall tile with a contrasting grout color

What happens if you make a mistake choosing the right grout color?
 There are a couple of things you can do to change the color.
 First you can dig out all of your grout lines and start over. 
 If this option isn't for you there is also a grout staining product available.
 This kit allows you to paint over your grout lines to change the color.
 These kits are available in store and would be a special order.

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