Friday, 7 March 2014

Bathroom Remodel...

When remodelling your bathroom,
 the picture above is a good example 
of a successful renovation.

There are very common mistakes
 when it comes to remodelling your bathroom.
 These mistakes are unavoidable 
as long as you take the time
 to do the proper research. 

Check out the suggestions
 to consider below 
before your renovation begins.

A. Using a "Jack of all Trades" contractor:

With a bathroom remodel it might not be the best idea to hire a contractor that mostly builds decks or frames houses. These professionals are specialized for their own trade and may not be the best option for all projects. This can be said about many of the components & tradespeople that are needed to complete a bathroom project. In the end it may cost a few dollars more to hire the journeyman plumber & tile setter but is well worth it when it comes to product & installation warranties. Hiring the proper people will help avoid issues in the future. Here at the Nest, we have a journeyman tile, wood & vinyl installer. It is much easier to call us to answer any questions you may have then to put all of your trust in someone who may know how to do it all but does not specialize in anything in particular.

B. Mismatching hardware & fixtures:

Although you might like the fact that you saved some money purchasing bathroom hardware that is mismatched, the future homeowner may not. Also, many manufacturers have their own versions of finishes and can not be matched with other companies. It is good idea to purchase everything from the same manufacturer so it is not only eye catching to you but to future possible homeowners as well. This does not mean it has to be the top of the line & most expensive products but hardware that will match.

C. Cheaper material:

Keep in mind better materials will last longer than the cheapest. Skipping important steps in the process can lead to possible disasters in the future. A good example would be waterproofing prior to setting tile. We recommend redguard as a great waterproofing product. It is a paintable product that should be done at least 24 hours prior to tiling. 

D. Using inexpensive sealers or no sealers at all:

Unsealed grout becomes dirty quickly. Purchasing sealers from us (the tile supplier) is the best way to go. We have access to higher quality sealants that offer the best warranties and guarantees. 

E. Ignoring the design process:

Take the time to talk to professionals. We are here to make recommendations for your project and to suggest any pros & cons to using particular products. 

It's become a great misconception that buying products from the professionals is more expensive. For example in reference to tile, here at the Nest we offer a various number of products that will fit into any type of budget. Even though we do not stock a lot of product, it is most often available in a day or two. Why would you settle for something that will do, when you can wait a couple days and have something you love and want to show off. 

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