Friday, 14 March 2014

Hardwood in a Bathroom...

Can you tell 
if the flooring
 in the picture above
 is hardwood? 

Installing hardwood on a bathroom floor
 is quite problematic most often not recommended. 

Bathrooms are the most humid area of the house.
 If you think about it showering every morning
 the kids in the tub
 at night leads to tub overflows splashing. 

Water & hardwood do not get along.
 If you get water on your hardwood floor 
it will severely damage it.

If you thought it was hardwood in the picture you would be wrong. 
It is actually a vinyl plank floor. Many flooring companies like us 
here at the Nest have both tile & vinyl options that look like real hardwood.
 They are both attractive & easy to maintain. With many colors & textures to choose from
 it is easy to find one that will suit your bathroom. When you show off your floor to family and friends they'll be surprised to hear it's not real wood.

We offer a great selection of products
 we provide professional installation as well. 
Keep in mind we enjoy giving advice to the client 
that wants to do it themselves. Pop in today.

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