Friday, 26 September 2014

Do you need an underlayment...

EasyMat Tile & Stone Underlayment

If you are require a sound or crack prevention underlayment, Custom's EasyMat might just be what you need. With it's peel and stick option this underlayment makes for an easy installation. Some of it's benefits include:

- no mechanical fasteners are required, it cuts easily with a utility knife.

- peel and stick version is available.

- it is approved for use under floating & hardwood floor systems.

- the mortar locks in to form a bonded crack prevention system.

- will not shrink, rot or absorb water.

- has the highest level of impact & sound reduction. It reduces floor transmitted sound by up to 20 decibels.

- up to nine times lighter than other sound reduction mats.

The picture shown below shows each layer of products needed for your tile installation using the EasyMat underlayment.

1. Any acceptable subfloor including concrete, plywood & primed OSB.
2. Custom polymer modified mortar
3. EasyMat
4. Custom polymer modified mortar
5. Polyblend or Prism grout
6. Tile or Stone

This is a great product to use for apartment & condo living when sound prevention is necessary.

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