Thursday, 16 October 2014

Helpful Hints for Grouting...

Here is a list of helpful tips for grouting your newly tiled surface.

* Grout tile 24 hours after tile installation

* Mix grout to the consistency of "cool whip" for on the floor. This will make it easy to spread and reduce the chances of "washing out"

* Let the grout sit for about 10 minutes before you use it. This will help it get the perfect consistency

* Mix the grout with cold water only

* Make sure that the area to be grouted is clean

* Try and have one person mixing the grout for a larger job. This helps ensure the same grout consistency throughout the whole project and reduce the risk of efflorescence

* If grouting a wall, make grout a little thicker as it will tend to run downwards through the tile

* If grouting a large area, grout smaller areas at a time. This will ensure easy clean up

* Let grout sit for about 10-15 minutes before washing, this will allow the product to 
"set up"

* Use warm water when washing

* Do not wash grout with anything but water until it has been sealed

* Seal grout joints 10-12 days after application, this will allow for sufficient drying time

* Make sure to wipe off any excess sealer from grout and tile so it does not leave a haze

*  You will see a "dusty haze" on tile for a few days after application. Don't worry, this will disappear after a few good washes with clean water

Note: There is a complete mixing guide on your bag or box of grout

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