Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Choose the right tile product + Properly maintain it = A floor that will last you a lifetime.

Features & Benefits of a Tiled Floor...

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A. Stain resistant - in general tile is the most stain resistant type of flooring in the industry.

B. Hygienic - tiles will not absorb smoke, fumes or odors.

C. Easy to Clean - use plain water & a damp mop.

D. Scratch/Scuff Resistant - tiles resist scratches, scuffs & indentations better than any other floor covering.

E. Fade Resistant - tiles will not fade with sunlight.

F. Resists burns - cigarette or fireplace sparks will not burn the tile surface.

G. Environmentally Friendly - tile body is 100% natural.

If your looking for a floor with minimal maintenance & the most durability, your choice is tile. With the wide selection of textures, colors, patterns & price points you are sure to find just what your looking for.

Custom mats & cable heating available as well as professional installation.

Keep in mind we offer free in store consultations.

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