Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hexagon tiles...

With hexagon tiles there is an infinite amount of possibilities for both pattern & color. They can bring a trendy & bold aspect to your space by mixing colors or by choosing a colorful grout.

As shown in the installation above, hexagon tiles come with a mesh backing. Each sheet will interlock with the next thus there are a couple options for finishing an open end. In the picture above they have kept the hexagon tiles full which will leave you with an uneven edge that is finished. It looks stunning & timeless. Your other option would be to have an installer cut every other tile in half and finish it with a metal schluter trim. There is no right or wrong way to finish the hexagon tiles, just a matter of personal preference.

photos courtesy of pinterest

By choosing a light grey grout with the white hexagon tiles it allows your eye to see the hexagon pattern.

Centura has one of our newest hexagon tile lines, the bee box series. It is available in 5 colors & is priced great at $6.60 per square foot. It is perfect for every wall & floor tile application. You can mix colors to create your own pattern. 

Check out the hexagon pattern options below:

Come in & let us help you with choosing the perfect tile for every application. We offer free in-store consultations & professional installation.

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