Thursday, 26 February 2015

Are you a first time tile setter?

Tips for anyone who is tiling for the first time.

1. The key to the first step is preparation & can often be the longest step. You need to decide on the area or areas you are wanting to tile & visit us here for your free in store consultation. Our design consultants will help with your tile choices along with all of the supplies you will need for your project, everything from start to finish.

Measure your area & calculate your square footage (length x width). You can bring in your measurements & we will be happy to calculate your square footage for you. Purchase & order all of your tile & supplies such as adhesive, thinset, grout, trowels, sponges & floats.

It is important to do a dry run with your tile to ensure your tile placement is the best it can be. For example it is not ideal to start at one end of the room & tile out. Oftentimes this can lead to having a bunch of smaller cuts right when you enter the space. We recommend chalking out your space & keep in mind balance is key. It is recommended to centre your tiles in the room so you have equal cuts around the perimeter of the room. 

2. Renting or purchasing a manual tile cutter or wet saw is the next step. Make sure you order a few extra pieces of tile which will allow you to make a few practice cuts with your tile cutter.

3. One of the advantages of purchasing your tile & supplies here at the Nest is the ability to gain professional advice. We are here to provide tiling advice & answer any questions you may have.

4. Floors are almost never perfectly level & walls are never perfectly square. This is why a chalk line is very important for keeping all of your tile & grout joints lined up.

5. Having the proper tools will save you time. When grouting you will need a grout float, sponges & clean water. Follow the mixing instructions that are available on the grout box. Spread grout evenly, filling all grout joints completely. Wait for the grout to haze up & then clean off excess grout with clean water & sponges.

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